SOL Recovery Center’s Drug Rehab in Scottsdale, Arizona Offers Affordable Addiction Treatment Programs


If you have finally come to the decision to get help and to go into addiction treatment, then you are taking the first steps towards a healthier and happier life.

Breaking free from drug or alcohol addiction may seem like an impossible task, but the friendly and experienced team of professionals at SOL Recovery Center’s drug rehab are here to help. We will make the admission process as simple and as easy as possible, and we will be there to guide you at all times.

Are you ready to get the help you need?

Let us explain how the admissions process works. It all starts with a phone call.

Our phone number is 866-239-1700 and our drug rehab center admissions coordinators are available to talk to you at any time of the day or night. Your assessment is free. All calls and messages to our center are confidential. We are here to answer your questions and to tell you everything you need to know about addiction treatment at our alcohol and drug rehab facility in Arizona.

While you are speaking to our coordinators they will ask you some quick and easy questions as part of pre-admission screening. We know that not everyone feels comfortable talking on the phone. You can always message us via our website.

This is a sort of interview which lets us know about your addiction. They will ask questions like “When did you start taking drugs?” and “What drugs do you use?” These questions help us understand which treatment program will suit your needs. We are very proud of the care we offer at our drug and alcohol rehab center and we design each care plan for each individual client.

We will also talk to you about your medical history to decide whether we may need any documents from your doctor. It’s helpful to have your doctor’s details with you when you call, but we can always check these later if you don’t.


Our coordinators are waiting for your call.

The admissions coordinators at out drug rehab center will walk you through all of your available payment options and we will provide a complementary insurance verification. We understand the cost concerns associated with addiction treatment. There are programs in the area that may run at reduced costs and some that may be free. We do our best to work with clients so that finances are not a barrier to treatment. We’ll do our best to get you connected to the help you need.

You can feel free to set up a tour of our facilities. We want you to be comfortable and to show you that you have made the right choice in getting care and treatment at SOL Recovery Center. To arrange a tour, just call our admissions coordinators. They will be happy to find a time that suits your schedule.

We understand that no two people are the same. A treatment program that works for one person might not be as effective for someone else. That is why we talk to you about your needs, your past experiences, and your challenges.

Whether you need an outpatient program or day treatment services with a supported residential environment, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our coordinators can explain the admission process and what to expect from each program that we offer, including duration, level of treatment, and type of therapies offered. If you would like to read about different types of treatment programs, you can do so on our Treatment Programs page.

Once you are comfortable with our level of care, we can quickly arrange treatment at our Arizona drug rehab facility. We want to help as many people as possible but we also want our patients to be comfortable and able to relax, so book your place today. Of course, if we do not have space available we can refer you to another drug or alcohol rehab center.

Check out our Locations page for more detailed information about our address and transportation, which we can arrange for you. All it takes is a phone call to our coordinators and you can be on the road to recovery.

We do our best to make the process simple and can often arrange same day admission to one of our programs. We are waiting to help you free yourself from addiction.