By: SOL Recovery Center 11 Aug 2016

Dealing with an addiction is hard, not only for the addict, but those around them. It may result in the destruction of a few or all the relationships. Upon gaining sobriety, the thought of trying to salvage these relationships may poke its head, especially if you visit a 12-step meeting, where one of their main focal points is making amends. In doing so, there is no guarantee that forgiveness is forthcoming, but you will know you did everything you could.

Lack of trust is one contributor to shattered relationships. You extended the olive branch yet there may still be some hesitation as to whether or not they feel they can have confidence in your recovery. The most important thing for you to do is to forgive yourself for your shortcomings and remember that you have a disease you are trying to fight. You need to be there for yourself even if that means you are the only one in your corner. If possible, connect with those individuals who do not harm your progress, but until then, have your own back.

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