By: SOL Recovery Center 23 Aug 2016

You should be comfortable when choosing a treatment center and treatment program when embarking upon your recovery journey. Determining what is best for you and what you’re most comfortable with should always be a priority. Factors include the environment and what philosophy will be at the core of your treatment. There are treatment centers that incorporate religious practices to assist in recovery, some strictly spiritual, some strictly medical, and some that have some combination of the aforementioned.

It is easy for one to feel as if a religious based system is inappropriate, as they may feel as if they are being brainwashed or forced to believe in something that they wish not to address. Others may find comfort in this approach. There are also those who like the subtlety of a spiritual approach without the religious background.

Use your personal belief system to guide you. Work with where you are in your life and make adjustments as you see fit. The primary goal is your sobriety. Concentrate on that and form your decisions around that goal.

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