Meth Addiction Recovery
By: SOL Recovery Center 09 Jun 2016

After growing accustomed to the structured life of a treatment center, being discharged will seem scary. It was easy enough to stay clean while being micromanaged, but how will you fare when you’re on your own? While everyone is wishing you good luck, here are some things to keep in mind during your meth addiction recovery:

Meth Addiction Recovery is a Lifelong Process

The use of methamphetamines took a grave toll on your body. Prolonged use of the drug will result in your brain being unable to evoke the ability to feel pleasure. While medication can be prescribed so as to make these effects more bearable, it will take a while for your body to heal itself.

You don’t just get clean and stop. Recovery involves making the conscious decision, every day, to stay sober. There will be some days in which you find yourself not even thinking about using meth, but that will take some time, and it probably will not be every day.

What Makes You Tick?

To assist you on your journey after leaving the treatment center, it would be helpful to make a list of all the things, places, and people which have been known to elicit your drug usage. This will no doubt result in a few minor to major changes within your life. While this may be uncomfortable at first, because no one likes change, bear in mind the goal of sobriety. Think of how far you’ve come already, and how much better your life will be once you’ve removed the toxic triggers in your life.

Give Back

Sharing your story with others in whichever you way see fit, may prove to be more beneficial than you think. Doing so may help two groups of people:

  • People using meth: When a meth addict is knowledgeable of a former user’s journey through recovery, it may act as a catalyst for them to admit they have a problem and seek help. It is always easier to attempt a task which you know someone else has succeeded at.
  • People who do not use meth: Hearing a former meth addict’s story, from addiction to recovery may act as the deterrent necessary to decrease the use of the drug.
No Shame in Support

You’re fresh off the boat of addiction and you’re on the path to meth addiction recovery, so it would be fair to assume that you’re somewhat fearful about things such as whether you will be able to stay sober, or how you will regain your life. 12-step meetings are highly recommended for this very purpose, so seek out the one most convenient for you, and get yourself a sponsor. Until that day comes, however, it may be more comforting to find a friend or family member whom you trust to confide in.

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