By: SOL Recovery Center 28 Jun 2016

Do you freak out at the sight of bugs – creepy-crawly bugs? Entertain the thought that there are some people who experience a feeling of crawling bugs in and on their bodies. This is called Ekbom Syndrome, also known as delusional infestation (DI), delusional parasitosis, and ectoparasitosis. It is a psychiatric disorder that affects more than 100,000 Americans.

This condition may be misleading because sufferers think there’s a problem with their skin and seek the help of a dermatologist when in fact they should be receiving psychotherapy from a therapist. Some inflicted with this syndrome may even try to self-treat their symptoms with harsh soaps and chemicals to try and eliminate their discomfort.

As it stands, users of methamphetamine increase their risk of developing this disorder, but it may present itself in non-users as well.
If this information resonates with you, especially as one who abuses methamphetamines, do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. If visiting your general practitioner or dermatologist proves to be futile, find a trusted mental health care provider and a treatment center, as the case may be.

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