By: SOL Recovery Center 18 Aug 2016

As a loved one of someone experiencing an addiction, you may underestimate just how much you may be affected by the disease that is not even your own. There is a culmination of things that you have to face, all while remaining strong enough to be a shoulder for this person. There’s no way to make it an easy process, but there is a way to make it easier to proceed.

Self-preservation: It is not selfish to put yourself first. You cannot be expected to help someone if you yourself are struggling, even if with something other than an addiction. Ensure that you are able to accommodate this person in your life, and how much, before you bring yourself down.

No one is to blame: Remember that the addiction is a disease. There is no sense in blaming either your loved one or yourself, as no one ever sees an addiction coming. Inculpating anyone involved only serves to make the situation harder than it has to be. Accept that which has past, and work on improving the future. They too may be blaming themselves, so help them to accept their disease.

Don’t lose yourself: Having someone around with an addiction condition will change your life, but try not to let that change be too drastic. Find a way to help them as much as you are capable of, while maintaining all that it is that makes you, you.

Get your own team of support: An addict is not the only person who needs support. Helping someone to carry his or her burden can become overwhelming. Find those who you trust, and some you can relate to, to help make your journey easier.

Being a shoulder for someone struggling with an addiction is no doubt, an emotionally ailing process. Try to bear in mind that you can only do so much. While they need help, the brunt of the work has to be theirs.

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