By: SOL Recovery Center 28 Jul 2016

An abusive disorder officially classified as a psychological disorder should be treated as such. While the physical consequences may be the most common reason for a visit to the emergency room (ER), once the physical threats are abated, their psychological symptoms should be tended to. Addicts are a threat to themselves and those around them, so it cannot be seen as suitable to release them after they are no longer convulsing or exhibiting whichever physical symptom(s) they presented with. Addicts are still sick despite not being an “emergency.” The underlying psychological symptoms need to be addressed in an effort to ensure that they do not return with the same problem somewhere down the line.

Not only does this outdated protocol fail to solve the problem but it adds to it. Working the system, there are addicts who find themselves in the ER as much as ten times a year to receive stabilizing drugs. It is possible that the overdoses are sometimes induced for this reason. Between 2004 to 2008 drug abuse cases admitted to the ER doubled. A study revealed that the implementation of counseling upon admittance increased the chance of the patients seeking further treatment by 45 percent, as compared to 37 percent without counseling.

A revamping of the current system should be implemented by utilizing the countless research findings available.

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