By: SOL Recovery Center 12 Jul 2016

Many of the side effects presented by numerous drugs used to treat various disorders seem almost counter-productive from mild nausea to the possibility of death. A recent study explored a more welcoming side effect from the drug Isradipine. Isradipine originally hit the markets to treat hypertension, however, researchers based at the University of Texas revealed that it may just be useful in reducing, and possibly eliminating, the chemical processes which lead former cocaine and alcohol users to relapse.

In the study, scientists facilitated cocaine and alcohol addiction in two groups of rats. One of the groups was the control. The treatment group received a dose of isradipine and their consequent behavior was then observed. Unlike the control group, who did not receive the isradipine for their addiction, the treatment group demonstrated prompt changes, and eventually, their affinity for their drugs was no longer displayed. Like isradipine, some antidepressants have been found to have unexpected medical uses such as treating anxiety.
As good as this sounds, one should be wary because these unintended “positive” side effects that initially help treat symptoms — can lead to misuse and possibly addiction. In the United States, prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse are becoming a considerable problem as people take these drugs for a reason other than prescribed.

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