By: SOL Recovery Center 21 Jun 2016

Sure, there have been reports on marijuana usage and its crippling effect on neurological and social development but what about marijuana’s effect on socioeconomic status? A New Zealand longitudinal study tracked the lives of 1000 children born to middle-class families, between the years of 1972 and 1973 from birth to answer this very question. From the age of three, the participants were interviewed every few years. Termination of the study occurred when the subjects got to age 38.

The study revealed that those using marijuana were less financially secure as compared to their parents. Additionally, they were 14% less well off as compared with the control group of non-users in the study.

There were some limitations in this study, one being that the study was conducted in a country where marijuana is illegal. That alone may be a variable that had an effect on the data. Also, one must take into consideration that the study did not last for any of the participants’ lifetime and it is possible that the observed social standings could have improved, or regressed accordingly.

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