By: SOL Recovery Center 02 Aug 2016

While there are risk factors and various stressors that put certain people more in the line of fire for substance abuse, addictive personalities are a grave risk factor. Due to this predisposition, it is only natural that recovery may bring forth the need to substitute an old addiction with a new one.

Common Replacement Addictions

Exercise and sports: Though exercise is one of the healthier options, it is important that you do not push yourself too much. Drugs weaken the immune system and detoxification no doubt puts a lot of strain on your body as is. Ease into the activity and be careful.

Food: This is a normal choice due to the body’s adaptation to metabolizing sugars that are present in drugs. That being said, it is important to maintain a healthy diet to maintain balance within the body. Recovery is trying on the body, in the beginning, so you need all the sustenance you can get.

Nicotine: Nicotine is another drug not labeled as illicit. It is quickly absorbed into the blood stream and thus its effects are felt almost immediately. It may be used to relieve stress felt during recovery but abuse may bring with it other complications.

Though legal, caffeine is still a drug that should be had in moderation. Physical dependence is common with regular intake. Withdrawal effects include gastrointestinal complications, anxiety, and insomnia.

Technology: With all the major advances taking place, it’s hard not to get sucked into the craze. A technology addiction may arise as a result of one’s employment or out of sheer interest. It acts as a good distraction and may even lead to improvements in other areas of life.

In recovery, your team of physicians and counselors will help you learn about moderation. The adjustment period will be tricky and it is true that you will need a distraction, but make it a healthy one, one that won’t send you down the rabbit hole again.

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