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Alcohol Detox

Detoxification is the process of the body eliminating the toxins caused by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Treatment in alcohol detox programs gives a drinker a supervised period of time away from alcohol, so that physical alcohol dependence can be broken and higher-level alcoholism rehabilitation treatment can begin.

Alcoholism detox treatment will vary depending upon factors like:

  • Age
  • History of alcohol abuse
  • Medical condition

If a physician prescribes a managed alcohol detox, a short course of medication will be provided to help manage the alcohol withdrawal symptoms that occur once drinking stops.

Alcohol detox is usually combined with counseling and behavioral therapies, which are included in the addiction treatment programs facilitated by SOL Recovery Center Arizona rehab center.

How to Recognize Alcohol Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

Depending upon a patient’s history of alcohol use, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can begin shortly after drinking stops, sometimes as soon as a few hours after the last drink. Withdrawal from heavy drinking is dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (the name for all of the alcohol detox withdrawal symptoms taken together), is a potentially life-threatening condition.

Mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include:

▪   Hand tremors
▪   Mild anxiety
▪   Insomnia
▪   Nausea and vomiting
▪   Headache
▪   Sweating


More severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include:

▪   Seizures
▪   Hallucinations
▪   Delirium tremens (“DT’s”)
▪   Rapid heartbeat
▪   Disorientation
▪   Severe anxiety
▪   Profuse sweating
▪   Severe tremors
▪   Low-grade fever
▪   Confusion

If you or a loved one experiences these alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you should seek medical help immediately. If you have a history that includes complicating factors like infections, heart or lung disease, or seizures, you should contact your physician before stopping alcohol intake and beginning to detox from alcohol.

Call Us for Alcohol Detox and Alcohol Addiction Help

SOL Recovery Center can help you with placement in a professional, licensed, insurance-friendly detox center in AZ that will provide you or your loved one with much needed medical assistance on the road to recovery.

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