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  • Where Is the Line?

    By: SOL Recovery Center25 Aug 2016

    Seeing your loved one battle with a substance addiction is a challenge. You want to help them as much as you can, but you also need to maintain your sense of self in the process. There may come a time when you realize that your efforts...

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  • Not a One Man Show

    By: SOL Recovery Center18 Aug 2016

    As a loved one of someone experiencing an addiction, you may underestimate just how much you may be affected by the disease that is not even your own. There is a culmination of things that you have to face, all while remaining strong...

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  • Judge Not

    By: SOL Recovery Center16 Aug 2016

    Suffering from an addiction brings with it wrongful judgment in different forms. If someone has been diagnosed with a disease, the only place they should be ‘locked up’ is in a hospital. Prosecuting someone of a drug crime, given...

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  • Outdated ER

    By: SOL Recovery Center28 Jul 2016

    An abusive disorder officially classified as a psychological disorder should be treated as such. While the physical consequences may be the most common reason for a visit to the emergency room (ER), once the physical threats are abated,...

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  • Social Phobia: A Risk Factor for Alcoholism in Teens?

    By: SOL Recovery Center26 Jul 2016

    The best way to solve a problem is to get to its root and aim to prevent its onset. Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs) have been a plague on society for quite some time, with adolescents proving to be a much-affected group. A 2013 survey...

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  • Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs

    By: SOL Recovery Center14 Jul 2016

    You wouldn’t typically describe your local prescription counter as dangerous… However, you may reconsider given a 2013 survey which uncovered the fact that over 15 million citizens, twelve and up, have been identified as misusers...

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  • Don’t Look Back

    By: SOL Recovery Center05 Jul 2016

    An often overlooked part of the penal system is the rate of recidivism. In the event of it being a drug related crime, the rate of recidivism may be reduced with the involvement of a substance abuse treatment regime. The Child Development...

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  • Getting Under Your Skin – Some facts about Ekbom Syndrome

    By: SOL Recovery Center28 Jun 2016

    Do you freak out at the sight of bugs – creepy-crawly bugs? Entertain the thought that there are some people who experience a feeling of crawling bugs in and on their bodies. This is called Ekbom Syndrome, also known as delusional...

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  • Marijuana's Effect on the Brain

    Marijuana’s Effect on Emotions

    By: SOL Recovery Center23 Jun 2016

    There are many states in the US that are slowly but surely warming up to the legal presence of marijuana in medical and recreational settings. The advent of the Colorado Amendment 64, compounded with many inconclusive studies on marijuana's...

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  • Does Smoking the Green Lower the Green in Your Wallet?

    By: SOL Recovery Center21 Jun 2016

    Sure, there have been reports on marijuana usage and its crippling effect on neurological and social development but what about marijuana’s effect on socioeconomic status? A New Zealand longitudinal study tracked the lives of 1000...

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