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  • Where Is the Line?

    By: SOL Recovery Center25 Aug 2016

    Seeing your loved one battle with a substance addiction is a challenge. You want to help them as much as you can, but you also need to maintain your sense of self in the process. There may come a time when you realize that your efforts...

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  • Central Theme Being Sobriety

    By: SOL Recovery Center23 Aug 2016

    You should be comfortable when choosing a treatment center and treatment program when embarking upon your recovery journey. Determining what is best for you and what you're most comfortable with should always be a priority. Factors...

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  • Judge Not

    By: SOL Recovery Center16 Aug 2016

    Suffering from an addiction brings with it wrongful judgment in different forms. If someone has been diagnosed with a disease, the only place they should be ‘locked up’ is in a hospital. Prosecuting someone of a drug crime, given...

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  • Be Your Own Cheer Squad

    By: SOL Recovery Center11 Aug 2016

    Dealing with an addiction is hard, not only for the addict, but those around them. It may result in the destruction of a few or all the relationships. Upon gaining sobriety, the thought of trying to salvage these relationships may poke...

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  • Children of Addicts

    Life as the Child of an Addict

    By: SOL Recovery Center07 Jun 2016

    There are very few people who are able to escape the home of an addicted parent unscathed. While there may be physical wounds, mostly, children of addicts are emotionally bruised, and if they’re not handled appropriately, it may...

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  • Overcoming the Fear of Recovery

    By: SOL Recovery Center25 May 2016

    Some think that the path to recovery is all sunshine and flowers but in actuality, it is quite the opposite. Overcoming addiction is difficult. Fear, anxiety and insecurity can hinder the progress of long-term recovery from addiction. ...

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