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  • Judge Not

    By: SOL Recovery Center16 Aug 2016

    Suffering from an addiction brings with it wrongful judgment in different forms. If someone has been diagnosed with a disease, the only place they should be ‘locked up’ is in a hospital. Prosecuting someone of a drug crime, given...

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  • Outdated ER

    By: SOL Recovery Center28 Jul 2016

    An abusive disorder officially classified as a psychological disorder should be treated as such. While the physical consequences may be the most common reason for a visit to the emergency room (ER), once the physical threats are abated,...

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  • Social Phobia: A Risk Factor for Alcoholism in Teens?

    By: SOL Recovery Center26 Jul 2016

    The best way to solve a problem is to get to its root and aim to prevent its onset. Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs) have been a plague on society for quite some time, with adolescents proving to be a much-affected group. A 2013 survey...

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  • Self Help Groups

    Power in Numbers – Self Help Groups Can Aid in Recovery

    By: SOL Recovery Center21 Jul 2016

    There are many self help groups available to help you on the road to recovery from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions. Read more to find a group that best fits your needs and belief system. (more…)

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  • Insomniac Woes

    By: SOL Recovery Center19 Jul 2016

    Insomnia is a beast that plagues more than 6 million Americans. The cause of insomnia can be anything from a medical condition, including mental disorders, to the use of prescription and illicit drugs. (more…)

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  • Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs

    By: SOL Recovery Center14 Jul 2016

    You wouldn’t typically describe your local prescription counter as dangerous… However, you may reconsider given a 2013 survey which uncovered the fact that over 15 million citizens, twelve and up, have been identified as misusers...

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  • Side Effects: The Good Side of the Coin

    By: SOL Recovery Center12 Jul 2016

    Many of the side effects presented by numerous drugs used to treat various disorders seem almost counter-productive from mild nausea to the possibility of death. A recent study explored a more welcoming side effect from the drug Isradipine....

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  • The Inevitability of Side Effects

    By: SOL Recovery Center07 Jul 2016

    Perfection doesn’t exist, and prescription drugs are no anomaly. There is a multitude of medications available on the shelves. As useful as they have proven to be to treat the disease or disorder they were made to treat, they bring...

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  • Don’t Look Back

    By: SOL Recovery Center05 Jul 2016

    An often overlooked part of the penal system is the rate of recidivism. In the event of it being a drug related crime, the rate of recidivism may be reduced with the involvement of a substance abuse treatment regime. The Child Development...

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  • Alcohol’s Nemesis – A look into Dihydromyricetin

    By: SOL Recovery Center30 Jun 2016

    Dihydromyricetin (DHM) - also known as ampelopsin - is a type of flavonoid known to have anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-oxidative properties, while possessing the added benefits of being able to relieve hangover...

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