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  • Not a One Man Show

    By: SOL Recovery Center18 Aug 2016

    As a loved one of someone experiencing an addiction, you may underestimate just how much you may be affected by the disease that is not even your own. There is a culmination of things that you have to face, all while remaining strong...

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  • Be Your Own Cheer Squad

    By: SOL Recovery Center11 Aug 2016

    Dealing with an addiction is hard, not only for the addict, but those around them. It may result in the destruction of a few or all the relationships. Upon gaining sobriety, the thought of trying to salvage these relationships may poke...

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  • Old Habits are Hard to Break: Changing your Mindset

    By: SOL Recovery Center04 Aug 2016

    A substantial part of an addiction is the mindset that influenced it and sustains it. With most things, the more you do it, the less you have to think about doing it. This is called forming a habit. In order to lead a good life, good...

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  • Self Help Groups

    Power in Numbers – Self Help Groups Can Aid in Recovery

    By: SOL Recovery Center21 Jul 2016

    There are many self help groups available to help you on the road to recovery from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions. Read more to find a group that best fits your needs and belief system. (more…)

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  • Taking Inventory

    By: SOL Recovery Center16 Jun 2016

    To make our lives easier, taking a daily inventory of your interactions may be a helpful tool. It allows you to take a step back and look at the decisions you’ve made that may or may not have impacted someone else and determine what...

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  • Overcoming the Fear of Recovery

    By: SOL Recovery Center25 May 2016

    Some think that the path to recovery is all sunshine and flowers but in actuality, it is quite the opposite. Overcoming addiction is difficult. Fear, anxiety and insecurity can hinder the progress of long-term recovery from addiction. ...

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  • Understanding biology to protect against addiction

    By: SOL Recovery Center10 May 2016

    Elements, namely, nutritional, environmental, genetic, electrical, chemical, neurological and spiritual elements interrelate in order to produce emotions. Biological responses to circumstances and situations control emotional responses....

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