At SOL Recovery Center, we provide our clients with safe and effective detoxification services to make them feel as comfortable as possible while they go through the withdrawal process.

The skilled and experienced staff members at our Arizona alcohol and drug detox center understand that most people are afraid of suddenly stopping alcohol and other drugs because of the painful cravings and withdrawal symptoms they may suffer.

We help our clients get through the worst part of withdrawal as gently as possible. We also coordinate medically detox treatment with our clients’ physicians, which can dramatically reduce drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

What Is Stabilization?

“Stabilizing” a client is the process of helping a client go from acute intoxication and withdrawal a state that is medically stable, supported, and substance-free. That is the idea of “stabilization.”

At our Arizona alcohol and drug detox center, we work with clients and their physicians to determine the most effective course of detox treatment, in order to ensure that clients achieve stabilization as safely and comfortably as possible.

Why Go Through Detox And Stabilization?

Detoxification and stabilization are not true, “rehabilitation treatment.” Detox is the physical process of flushing substances from the body.

Before any real work on addiction recovery can begin, the mind and body must be cleansed of the toxins that result from abusing alcohol and other drugs. No treatment plan can be effective – or provide a chance for long-term recovery – until substances are removed from the body.


During the detox process, withdrawal symptoms will appear. These symptoms can go from mild (like anxiety, jumpiness, and sweating) to extreme (like hallucinations, severe tremors, and seizures).

Withdrawal from alcohol withdrawal and benzodiazepines (“sedatives”) may trigger seizures that can be deadly. Anyone who has been abusing alcohol or sedatives should seek medical help before attempting to detox.

What To Bring To Detox

Clients should plan to bring certain items with them, including:

  • Picture identification
  • Insurance identification
  • Appropriate/comfortable clothing for a 5-7 day stay
  • Personal hygiene products (no alcohol content)
  • Small electrical appliances (razor, blow dryer, etc.)
  • Exercise clothes
  • Appropriate coats/jackets depending upon season
  • Prescription meds (original bottle, with label, doctor’s name, name of medication, and dosage)
  • Reading material
  • Socks and footwear
  • Enough cigarettes to last the stay