Day Treatment Program

Between inpatient residential treatment and outpatient programs is the “day treatment program”. A day treatment program is a “partial hospitalization” program where patients commute to and from our treatment center for full treatment days (usually 5-7 hours), but reside either in their homes or in supported housing.

The partial hospitalization in a day treatment program permits extensive, focused treatment beyond what can be provided in an intensive outpatient program, without the expense of inpatient hospitalization.

SOL Recovery offers a day treatment program with secure living, where clients can take advantage of full treatment days, while residing in a comfortable, supervised home that is safely removed from their toxic environment.

Who Is A Candidate For A Day Treatment Program?

Day treatment programs may be clinically recommended for clients who:

  • Do not require an inpatient detox, have completed detox, or are participating in an medically managed outpatient detox
  • Have been unsuccessful in completing an outpatient program
  • Would benefit from more than 9 treatment hours per week
  • Are not yet prepared to live in an unsupported environment

How Do Day Treatment Programs Work?

Our day treatment program provides our clients with the most complete level of treatment available outside of an inpatient program.

With the additional time permitted in a full clinical treatment day, clients have the opportunity to work on all of the issues that contributed to their substance use. At our alcohol and drug rehab center, clients can rebuild their lives and free themselves from alcohol and other drugs.

In the individual and group therapy we provide, clients have the opportunity to address not only their substance use, but also:

  • Family matters
  • Healthcare
  • Parenting skills
  • Trauma history
  • Employment problems
  • Legal issues

Our friendly and experienced treatment professionals work with clients to give them the best chance at long-term success.

Factors That Influence Client Treatment

SOL Recovery Center looks at any factors that may influence a client’s recovery, including:

  • Substances used
  • Co-occuring mental illnesses
  • Physical health and medical conditions
  • Length of substance use
  • Personal/professional commitments
  • Family situation

We ensure that all factors that may impact successful treatment are included in designing and implementing the best treatment programs that we can provide for our clients.

What Can You Do?

If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from a day treatment program, or if you have any questions about drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, please call us today. We can tell you all about the therapy programs that may be available to you or your loved one. Call our admissions office – 24 hours a day – at 866-239-1700, or message us here.