Our Substance Abuse Programs

We help clients seeking treatment for a variety of conditions, including:

Our experience and expertise set SOL Recovery Center apart from other treatment program centers. We pride ourselves on developing treatment programs tailored to your needs.

While many addictions share certain characteristics, each substance – and each client – carries a unique set of challenges. Counselors at SOL Recovery are equipped to help you tackle those challenges, get well, and develop the tools you will need to achieve long-term recovery.

The accredited staff at SOL Recovery understands that there is no “one size fits all” treatment program. We have extensive knowledge of what makes every addiction different, as well as the common bonds they all share. We take the necessary steps to understand you – not just your addiction.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

SOL Recovery Center offers two types of outpatient treatment programs, intensive outpatient treatment programs and non-intensive outpatient therapy.

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs (“IOP”) include:

  • Nine hours of therapy each week
  • Clients attend three-hour therapy sessions, three times per week
  • Depending upon clinical recommendations and insurance arrangements, IOP may last up to 16 weeks

Our non-intensive outpatient therapy includes:

  • Four hours of treatment/therapy per week
  • Clients attend two-hour therapy sessions, twice per week
  • May serve as a primary treatment or as aftercare following IOP or inpatient

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What Can You Do?

Please call us today to find out what treatment programs may be available to you or your loved one. Call us – 24 hours a day – at 866-239-1700. You can also contact us here.